Hi, I’m a blog!

I was started while the Avalanche was 12-1, so that makes me a bandwagon blog – the worst kind of blog, according to hockey purists. This is also my third incarnation with two other stop-and-start attempts, so I’m the inconsistent and enigmatic sort of blog too.

My current blogging aspirations include getting a reputation for blogging too soft, disrespecting the blogosphere, and somehow becoming European. I even have a celebration planned out for if I make four posts in one game.

I just hope it doesn’t cost me my reputation for being soft.

The author of this blog is a cartoonist, biochemist, musical theatre enthusiast, and two-way defenseman from Vancouver, the best city in the world. His favourite things about hockey are telling everybody about his fantasy team and yelling at players to shoot on the power play. He has probably done more research for this blog than in his entire academic life.

If you’re interested in correspondence, he can be reached at deliciousicing [at] gmail [dot] com, or tweeted at @deliciousicing if he ever figures out social media.


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